I am

I am

My name is Rose Anne.

Coffee Lover. Single parent. A daughter. A friend.

a rare rough diamond. a shoulder to cry on.  a bright spark.

as different as chalk and cheese. as bold as brass.

An incredibly open-minded and tolerant.

to sum it all up, I am just kidding. HAHAHAHA

(basta SIMPLE lang. Simpleng matakaw! Simpleng komplikado. Haha)

Ro Anne
It is not I who live, but Christ who lives in me.

I am a sinner yet a LOVE that has no boundaries renewed me.

I am strengthened with all might according to His glorious power.

I am more than a conqueror through Him Who loves me.

I am called of LOVE to be the voice of His praise.

I am Annethusiasm.

To God be all the glory.

 We should know better than to judge ourselves and others.

I will use a classic saying ”Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

The last words for someone is not for us to be told, according to my old friend James.

Yung tipong porket maganda ka akala artista ka, tapos ipagkakalat pa! Wag ganon, you’re so judgemental! Hahaha.

Relate? Problema mo din ba? Yung tipong hirap na hirap ka na? Tara! KAPE! Kailangan natin yun, pampakaba. Hahaha.

My passion in writing became visible during grade school.

I started blogging since December 2014 as Sesemonster. (SESE, is one of my childhood call names and the word MONSTER is parallel meaning to my sufferings, wounds and fears within) It can serve as an open timeline of mine, testifying that God is at work and will use those brokenness beautifully in His perfect time.

Along my passion, I created this another blog site to share, encourage and let you know that you are not alone, someone is willing to bear with you along.


May my existence inspire you as I share my journey, weaknesses and joys.

Thank you for visiting, balik po kayo ha! hahahaha. I would appreciate if you will leave some of your comments, reactions, and opinions. 

And If you feel you need someone to talk to, feel free to message me, KAIBIGAAAAAAN! TARA, USAP TAYO! NOW NA! hahaha. 

The best of both worlds

The best of both worlds

Sometimes when you intend to be a blessing for someone, surprisingly — God would turn the situation around, to use them as well to be the blessing in your life.

The Beauty Of Waiting

The Beauty Of Waiting

Today, God placed a hope within,

That there is something so beautiful to be unveiled in waiting.

I was impatient, It cost me a lot,

My disobedience prolonged the time to experienced its heavenliness.

But  you know what?

Even the in between of brokenness has its own perfectness.

Yes I know. It hurts now to wait, but it will be more beautiful than I could imagine

And Maybe, that time, It would cost me nothing.

Surely —- Someday I will have my own experienced of its beauty.

Where I only could say, “It was all worth it“.





“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”~Aristotle

If we can’t control time, then we must be patient enough to wait for what we want. Life doesn’t have a specific timeline set for us by our teachers but by the ordinance of God, we now have to be patient and have faith that the things we want will come when we are ready for it rather than when we want it.

Thirteen Four Seven

Thirteen Four Seven


This world doesn’t know a thing about LOVE.

How would you do? Give up? Let it be? But what if you know you can be someone’s salt in their wounds and light in their darkness?

Knowing you can’t just give up on the world when you know that there is Someone who didn’t give up on you and leave a message on you..

“Love is the only Way”

Love that suffers long,

Love that is kind,

that is not envy…

that is not proud…

Love that does not dishonor,

that does seek for itself…

Love that is not easily angered,

Love that rejoices in truth,

Love that never delights in evil,

Love that protects,



endures all things.

That kind of Love.


Fourteen Six

Fourteen Six


I walked on my thoughts, and met discouragement along the road.
I ate disappointments on the wood, and brought heartbreak as a fruit.

Betrayal continued slaps me,
Loneliness always found me,
Desperation helped to blind me,
And darkness simply covered me.

Carrying loads did knocked me out.
Feeling life keeps locked me up.
What’s going on? Where else I can go?

Continue walking, seeing nothing.
Time is flying, rushed on chasing.
Don’t have to go too far to know that something inside is dying.

Upon the noise there’s a Voice yelling ‘Hold on and let Him hold a Loving hand.’

Someone’s telling, continues calling.
Strives on pushing, keeps on reminding.
Let me seeing myself till my heart is crying.

A light of truth that is shining.
A heart of stone that is changing.
A treasure in the scar upon dying.
A way of hope that is restoring.

My knee hits the ground and touch the sky.
My feet on the dust and aim up high.

I’m brought by the Way.
I’m fed by the Truth.
I’m found by the Life.