Thirteen Four Seven

Thirteen Four Seven


This world doesn’t know a thing about LOVE.

How would you do? Give up? Let it be? But what if you know you can be someone’s salt in their wounds and light in their darkness?

Knowing you can’t just give up on the world when you know that there is Someone who didn’t give up on you and leave a message on you..

“Love is the only Way”

Love that suffers long,

Love that is kind,

that is not envy…

that is not proud…

Love that does not dishonor,

that does seek for itself…

Love that is not easily angered,

Love that rejoices in truth,

Love that never delights in evil,

Love that protects,



endures all things.

That kind of Love.


Fourteen Six

Fourteen Six


I walked on my thoughts, and met discouragement along the road.
I ate disappointments on the wood, and brought heartbreak as a fruit.

Betrayal continued slaps me,
Loneliness always found me,
Desperation helped to blind me,
And darkness simply covered me.

Carrying loads did knocked me out.
Feeling life keeps locked me up.
What’s going on? Where else I can go?

Continue walking, seeing nothing.
Time is flying, rushed on chasing.
Don’t have to go too far to know that something inside is dying.

Upon the noise there’s a Voice yelling ‘Hold on and let Him hold a Loving hand.’

Someone’s telling, continues calling.
Strives on pushing, keeps on reminding.
Let me seeing myself till my heart is crying.

A light of truth that is shining.
A heart of stone that is changing.
A treasure in the scar upon dying.
A way of hope that is restoring.

My knee hits the ground and touch the sky.
My feet on the dust and aim up high.

I’m brought by the Way.
I’m fed by the Truth.
I’m found by the Life.



Not a year or two, but four before I knew.

I once asked you Abba, for someone who will hand me the book of truth.

Nobody knows it, for it was hidden in between of me and You.

Praise to The LORD Most High!

Now! it is revealed in front of my eye, through the Scriptures You amazed me by.

Never had its origin in the will of man, but A Bible from His child who understand.

(Genesis 24)


A man like no other

A man like no other

 In the place called lost

I’ve heard a sweet familiar sound

with all the lonely people, I hear you calling out

Amazingly I’ve been found

I won’t be able to go back, if weren’t for this man

I am the one He have been found

He was there when no one else noticed my broken sound

He was there when I had nothing and made me understand

He held and never let go my hand

throughout this journey He made me stand

I never thought that there is a man in this earth who is brave enough to walk with me

going to my past where he wasn’t even a part of before

just to help me heal and let me know that loves me whole.


Thank You, I am complete in your hands.


Thank You, I am the one You have been found.

John 14:6 “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

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A piece of cake

A piece of cake

Now on my thoughts everything will not last,

never leave my thoughts about the triple chocolate cake that I should given you fast.

I remember it so well, my heart does.


T’was year two thousand sixteen, day three of the second month,

the day I forget you not, but admittedly been busy for no-account.

How could I? To just let your birthday without even a greeting goes by?

To make it up, I surprised you out,

delightedly you received my triple chocolate cake in blithe.

Your smile, your calmness, your hugs and kisses that time,

telling like, “this man loves to see that woman smiling, laughing, and having a good time.”


“Not on my thoughts that it would be that fast,

Never thought that it would be the triple chocolate cake I would give you last.”


With all my energy drained, I couldn’t help but feel an enormous amount of pain,

It was devastating. 

I wanted to scream, I wanted to throw everything,

How I would not? How I could not? It is you, Papa!

I was calling you and you’re not listening.

I was exhausted crying, and still you’re not waking.

My PapaMy Papa

Now, on my thoughts everything will not last,

never leave my thoughts about the triple chocolate cake I should given you fast.

I remember it so well, my heart does.